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Who Are We?


Our advisors have been successfully offering a recruitment service to those seeking jobs as well as employers who are looking for workers in the London area for over 19 years.

Positive Employment matches an individual’s skills to the employer’s requirements through careful selection. We aim to be the leading provider of recruitment and career advice and operate and deliver a service that is consistent with the highest quality to individuals’ needs.

We work extremely hard to build close relationships with clients so that they feel supported and confident to apply for their desired job.

We never forget that we are dealing with individuals with aspirations, personal and professional goals. This consideration has enabled us to create a company that is dynamic and focused, with the ability to deliver the right results for our clients every time.

Managing Director

Hyacinth Bonaparte

Positive Employment was established in 2001 and prior to working in the Private and Voluntary Sector within London, I’ve worked as a Senior Employment Consultant for over 20 years, completing projects with companies such as Deekos Limited- Walthamstow and B.M- Holborn. I was initially awarded a government contract through European social fund (ESF), and have been awarded many more since then. This was a great challenge and it is a potential opening to other government funding opportunities.

I was nominated to attend the Queen’s Garden Party in July 2009; this was a great honour as it enlightened the optimistic influence that Positive Employment has given individual participants in the community. It is a great privilege to be part of an organisation that helps people find the confidence to achieve their own goals and career paths. This has a major impact on our local “worklessness” and provides well being, stability, confidence and an excellent service to our participants: As ‘Every person’s future matters!’

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